Elspeth Brown,

Historian: markets, visual culture, gender, sexuality

HIS 498 Internship in History

The History Internship offers an opportunity to advanced history students whose academic record suggests their research skills are ready for the professional domain. Under the supervision of a community historian, archivist, librarian, or curator in the GTA, students undertake 150 hours of research on a project that engages their training in historical studies.

The History Internship course is an incredibly satisfying one to teach. After one-on-one meetings throughout the summer, we in Historical Studies connect students with internship opportunities. Once the term begins, we have a few initial class meetings before students disperse to their internships. Towards the end of the term, interns meet to make a presentation of their work (oral and visual) and to hand in documentation of their final projects. In past years, we have organized internships with Heritage Toronto, The Canadian Arab Institute, the ROM, Mississauga Heritage, the Peel Archives and Museum, and other civic, public, and private organizations. The class is a rewarding opportunity for students to see how the skills developed in their historical studies BA translate into professional situations, whether thats in research, in publishing, development, or in urban and suburban heritage and preservation. 

In 2015, students in HIS 498 developed a blog chronicling their different internships across the Greater Toronto Area, which you can access below. It documents not only their experiences as student interns, but also the translation of skills between the classroom and work space, current issues facing heritage, public policy, and advocavy organizations, and the day-to-day work life they experienced in their various positions. 

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